The Anthropologists

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Creative Team

Ice Factory 2017 - Artistic & Production Team

Brianna Kalisch

Brianna Kalisch: Edda (The Blackout)

Mariah Freda

Mariah Freda: Marion (The Blackout)

Brian Demar Jones

Brian Demar Jones: Oscar (The Blackout)

Jean Goto

Jean Goto: Edna (The Lecture)

Alexandra Bonesho

Alexandra Bonesho: Ashley (The Blackout)

Arisael Rivera

Arisael Rivera: Crocker (The Blackout)

Marianne Hardart

Marianne Hardart: Linden (The Lecture)

Michael Ables

Michael Ables: Karma (The Lecture)

Melissa Moschitto

Melissa Moschitto, Director

Lynde Rosario

Lynde Rosario, Dramaturg

Ali Hall

Ali Hall, Lighting Designer & Production Manager

Tiffany McCue

Tiffany McCue, Stage Manager

Irina Kuraeva

Scenic & Visual Designer

Acting Ensemble: Michael Ables, Alexandra Bonesho*, Mark Cisneros, Mariah Freda, Jean Goto, Marianne Hardart, Brian Demar Jones, Brianna Kalisch, and Arisael Rivera*

*Appearing courtesy Actors Equity Association

Writing & Direction: Melissa Moschitto

Dramaturgy: Lynde Rosario
Assistant Director / Associate Producer: Philip Schaffer

Lighting Design / Production Management: Ali Hall

Scenic & Visual Design: Irina Kuraeva

Sound Design: Andy Cohen

Stage Management: Tiffany McCue

Original Collaborators

The Lecture was originally created by Josh Adler, Robert Colpitts, Jean Goto, Louise Gough, Brianna Kalisch, Melissa Moschitto and Raj Varma.   


The Blackout was originally created by Josh Adler, Robert Colpitts, Mariah Freda, Jean Goto, Brianna Kalisch and Melissa Moschitto.