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What if you could build your own universe and leave your troubles behind - would you do it?

Or can we embrace our place in history as living in the age of climate change?

Inspired by new discoveries in physics, Another Place orbits around Cassandra, a physicist who sees the opportunity to literally create a new universe. Can she start over, unencumbered by her own failings? In her attempt to create a black hole, multiple times and places collide, opening up new possibilities and complications. Unpredictable, idiosyncratic and absurd,

the play tackles themes of environmental responsibility, scientific discovery and human failure.

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Written & Directed by Melissa Moschitto  

Devised by The Ensemble

Performances by: Jean Goto, Joseph Diomede, Jonathan Maccia, Raniah Day, Karly Maurer 

Dramaturg: Louise Gough

Scenic Designer: Justin Couchara

Costume Designer: Christina Kim

Lighting Designer: Ryan Metzler

Sound Designers: Justin Stasiw, Melissa Moschitto

Producer: Anna Hayman

Associate Producer: Jason Najjoum

Production Stage Manager: Christine Boutin

Assistant Scenic Designer: Kristina Herne, Samantha Shoffner

Assistant Lighting Designer: Shaun Suchan

Production Assistant: Lisa Haedrich

Graphic Designer: Ben Paddock

Additional Contributors: 
John Farrell, Anna Hayman, Serena Kennedy,  Andrew Merkel, Karim Muasher, Katy Rubin,
Sonja Sweeney.




HERE Arts Center’s Artist Sublet Series

April 27-29



Workshop, Upper Manhattan

Funding Support


Northern Manhattan Artists Alliance

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"... a promising young company and the show had an interesting premise – a woman scientist discovers how to create new universes by collapsing black holes.” (Culturebot)

“The entire design budget (lights, set, costumes)
was $500, almost entirely using repurposed and recycled goods.”
(Hamilton Dramaturgy’s TheaterNow)


Learn about the eco-friendly production practices used plus the research behind the play on our Investigate page.


Jesse Ash
 (Greener Media
); Requia Gray; Alexis Greene (Public Relations, Community Environmental Center); Chia-Yi Hou (Conservation Biologist); Michael Paone (Community Organizer); Elizabeth Lorris Ritter (Chair, Parks & Cultural Affairs Committee, Community Board 12 - Manhattan); Christopher Rizzo, Esq. (Litigation, Environmental Law, Land-Use); Dustin Thomsen (New York Restoration Project).

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