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The Anthropologists is dedicated to the collaborative creation of investigative theatre that inspires action.

Rooted in research and community engagement and shaped by contemporary dance and physical theatre techniques, we're committed to exploring current social topics from an anthropological perspective in order to break down and unleash cultural discoveries.

We create original, ensemble-devised theatre using improvisation, composition and highly stylized movement inspired by found text, source material and artifacts (paintings, songs, poems, etc.) and guided by rigorous dramaturgy. Our movement-based training is inspired by Viewpoints, Biomechanics, Tectonic Theatre Company, Liz Lerman and Doug Varone along with other techniques and master teachers.

We utilize a protracted development process marked by several opportunities for work-in-progress showings or performances. This allows us to fully develop our work and achieve artistic excellence while nurturing intimate community and audience relationships.


Formed in 2008, past provocations have included: “why do Americans need so much stuff?” (EXCESS – a dance play inspired by The Cherry Orchard) and “who gets access to food?” (GIVE US BREAD, hailed by as “a thoroughly entertaining and thought provoking play mixing elements of dance and stylized movement to create a piece that is wholly within its own hybrid Anthropologists genre.”) Celebrating our 10th year, our work has been described as “eerie and weird in the best way” (Culturebot) and “incisive, even necessary work for the present moment.” (Culture Catch).

  • provocative questions about society, science, history and humanity

  • storytelling through movement & dance, research & rigorous dramaturgy

  • collaborative theatremaking techniques

  • longterm creative relationships

  • ongoing training of artists

  • cross-sector partnerships & civic engagement