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Artemesia's Intent back up by Jody Chris


Devised by:
Mariah Freda, Irina Kuraeva, Brianna Kalisch, Melissa Moschitto & Lynde Rosario

Direction & Script:
Melissa Moschitto

Performed by: Mariah Freda

Dramaturgy: Lynde Rosario  
Visual Design: Irina Kuraeva

Sound Design: Adrian Bridges   
Lighting Design: Wren Mitchell

Stage Management: Mary Daniel  
Creative Assistant: Mary Baillie  

Assistant Producer:
Brian Demar Jones

Touring Stage Managers: Katie Gilmartin, Thalia Sablon,
& Rachel Heide

Artemisia’s Intent​ delivers a captivating physical performance to unearth the life, work, and words of 17th century painter Artemisia Gentileschi. Inspired by every proclamation of "me too," The Anthropologists craft a startling portrait of a woman caught at the intersection of power, assault, and art.


Artemisia's Intent was made possible by the AIRspace Residency at Abrons Arts Center (NYC)



The Foundry (MA)
February 6

Grange Hall Cultural Center (VT)
February 7-8



Hofstra University

March 26

Art House Productions (NJ)
​October 18 + 19

Cape May Stage (NJ)

October 21

Peabody Black Box (MA)

October 25

Shea Theater Arts Center (MA)

​October 26


Scranton Fringe Festival
September 27-29
The Kraine (NYC)
September 14
FringePVD (Providence, RI)
July 31 & August 1

The Kraine (NYC)
July 26
2018 Estrogenius Festival (NYC)
March 16

2018 Frigid Festival (NYC)
February 14, 24, 26, March 1, 4

WINNER Best Solo Drama

Artemisia's Intent-26.jpg

"As Artemisia, [Mariah Freda] exudes a charismatic sense of fun and independence." 
(Culture Catch)

Artemisia’s Intent is astonishingly thorough. The Anthropologists charge forward with humor, intensity, and the madness of the moment."
(The Theatre Times)

"... a strong performance by Mariah Freda, an excellent script and directing effort by Melissa Moschitto."

(Hi! Drama)


"... Like the #MeToo movement, Artemisia’s Intent isn’t going away any time soon."

"Artemisia's Intent is a solid, timely piece..."

(Theatre is Easy)

"Among the show's many virtues, Artemisia improved the way I see action--the drama--of art." (Into Words)

"In Moschitto's dialogue and Freda's exhilarating performance, Artemisia Gentileschi lives again, if only for an hour."

(Stage Buddy)

"A production that is guaranteed to be a powerhouse tour"
(R&D Young Howze)

Laurels White.png

View the research, source materials, and paintings used to create this play and more, along with resources for ending sexual assault and violence against women on our Investigate page.

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