Our Anti-Racism Work
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In 2008, we founded this theatre company with the desire to uncover hidden stories and unheard voices. Our first full length play was inspired by the riots that took place in the Lower East Side in 1917.  The work that has followed has been dedicated to revealing injustices and inequity.


In 2016, we created a play that planted the seeds of anti-racism in our work and in our personal lives. While it has influenced the artistic and organizing work of the following years, we still have much work to do.

In 2020, we recommit ourselves to becoming an anti-racist organization and being active allies to the Black community. View statement.


  • We will seek out resources to strengthen and articulate our company’s anti-racist policies.

  • We will make anti-racist training available to company members.

  • We will continue to empower, uplift and hire artists of color.  



  • Artistic Director Melissa Moschitto & Artistic Associate Mariah Freda took the PISAB Undoing Racism workshop. 

  • Programming Series for No Man's Land, "Reframe Your Reference," a series of post-show conversations investigating privilege & systemic racism in the United States today.
    - Becoming Woke: Recognizing White Complicity
    - Inclusion in the Arts: How Ethnicity Impacts Storytelling


  • Hosted an Emergency Artist Response session after the Charlottesville protests. Space provided by Artists Co-Op.



  • Taking urgent action to support Black Lives Matter - donating, protesting, uplifting Black voices. See our Facebook or Instagram page.

  • We are making anti-racism training available to company members.


  • June 2020: We facilitated a Justice in June group (specifically for white company members & community members) to educate ourselves about white supremacy and build on our anti-racism tools. 

  • 6.25.20: Melissa, Mariah & Irina attended an Anti-Racist Listening session with Tiffany Rachelle Stewart, thanks to Benvenuti Arts.

  • August 2020: Melissa & Mariah attended the Anti-Racist Theatre workshop hosted by Nicole Brewer. 


  • We are planning an internal racial justice assessment that will include and pay artists of color.

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