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The United States has a maternal mortality rate three times higher than any other high-income country. BIPOC birthing bodies are particularly at risk, with death rates up to 3x more likely than their white counterparts. Please join us for an activating conversation about these themes and more, as part of the research process for our new play, axes, herbs and satchels. Participants will be invited to read a selection from our source material before the conversation. 

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A call to action to engage in the dialogue around Black Maternal Health Crisis, with "cost" as our anchoring theme. This in-person event will feature a panel of advocates and experts within the birth justice and birth worker community. 


While access to modern medical advancements is essential, a critical question arises: has this progress come at the expense of ancestral wisdom and practices?  The NYS enacted 2023-24 Executive Budget includes expanded Medicaid coverage of preventative care, including Statewide Medicaid coverage and higher reimbursement for doulas. What does this mean for the current crisis?

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Join Us for Re-Setting The Table, a conversation series uniting artists, activists and experts in a rich dialogue about gender and public policy.


Episode One: Gender Parity in Politics

Episode Two: Reproductive & Transgender Rights
Episode Three: Gender, Clothing + Cultural Policy

Episode Four: Storytelling & Archival Gaps

Episode Five: Gender Affirming Healthcare 

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A Patreon-Exclusive Event.
Go behind the scenes to explore the research archives & creative process.


Part storytelling, part salon, and fully entertaining. 


A theatrical brainstorming session in response to a local or group-specific challenge. Available to community groups & non-profits.


An open and productive space for our artists & community to explore avenues for action and activism while inviting an artistic response.

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