UPDATED Lectures + Libations 3.28.19.png

In honor of Women’s History Month, The Anthropologists celebrated the contributions of marginalized or hidden women+ with Lectures & Libations: Women’s History Edition, an evening
of storytelling and connection.

Inspired by TED Talks and the image-based presentation style known as PechaKucha, presenters were chosen through an open submission process to give 3-minute presentations on an under-recognized woman+. (Presenter names italicized)

Dorothy Pitman Hughes
Alex Randrup

Beryl Merkham
Marianne Hardart

Elizabeth Cochran
(Nellie Bly)
Mark Loewenstern

Luisa Capetillo
Arisael Rivera

Isabel Gonzalez
Victoria Medina

Tina Lorris
Liz Ritter

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