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Over the course of 90 minutes, community members and theatre artists will join forces for a

theatrical brainstorming session in response to a local or group-specific challenge. Past

workshop themes have included: food access, environmental damage and cross-generational

communication. Using techniques derived from the Dance Exchange (Liz Lerman), Theater of

the Oppressed and our own practice, The Anthropologists create a safe environment in which to actively imagine an alternate reality.

Participants will have the opportunity to engage in the following ways:

  • engage in conversation with the group about the chosen topic through brainstorming and storytelling

  • take on the role of actor and playwright by reenacting stories derived from the group; using improvisation techniques to test out alternate methods of communication and action

  • exploring issues through creative writing and expressive movement

  • collaborating to create a final movement and text motif which summarizes the workshop

  • Attendees of the workshop are invited to participate to whatever degree they feel comfortable, as generative participants or active observers.

The Anthropologists are working to create an environment in which all participants function as "spect-actors": citizens who watch the theatrical event with a critical eye and have the opportunity to act by sharing thoughts, feelings and ideas. The techniques used encompass both the literal and the expressive, offering a wide range of artistic possibilities to be navigated by each participant. We hope to inspire people to see an opportunity for change or action in their own lives.

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