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Give Us Bread: Investigate

GIVE US BREAD was born, essentially, after we heard author and activist Raj Patel being interviewed on NPR in 2008, speaking about the global food riots happening in Egypt, Haiti and beyond.  To make the point that we weren't immune in the United States, he referenced the little known and much forgotten 1917 food riots of the Lower East Side.  We knew this was a story we had to tell.  The play was created with months of research which was catalogued in a research blog, The Food Riot Project.


The play was produced alongside a programming series - The Food Riot Project - three weeks of programming designed to connecting the historical events of 1917 to contemporary food issues, locally, nationally and globally.

Behind the Scenes: Actor Podcasts

Jean Goto as Jenny - The Anthropologists
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Katy Rubin as Rivka - The Anthropologists
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Shayna Padovano as Concetta - The Anthropologists
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Jennifer Griffee as Elizabeth - The Anthropologists
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THE FOOD RIOT PROJECT: where art meets action

Soda Bread, Macaroni and Knishes: Immigrants & Food in the Lower East Side
Hasia Diner, Professor of American Jewish History at New York University and author of Hungering for America: Italian, Irish and Jewish Foodways in the Age of Migration, will talk about the ways food and the desire for it shaped immigrant life in the early part of the twentieth century.

1917 vs. Today: Advances in Fighting Hunger
Join author Joel Berg (All You Can Eat), executive director of the NYC Coalition Against Hunger for a discussion on the progress we’ve made - and haven’t made - in fighting hunger in New York City and beyond.  Hosted by: Seven Stories Press


The Plucky Farmerette: Women on the Land: The Food Riots & Social Responsibility
The 1917 food riots were one in a series of events that led to the creation of the Woman's Land Army, a national initiative for women to join the farming movement during WWI.  Join us for a discussion about this innovative movement that demanded women workers be paid equal wages and encouraged self-sufficiency and  national service. Hosted by: Elaine Weiss, author, Fruits of Victory


Repair and Renew: Social Justice & Judaism
This community discussion will delve into the role of social justice in Judaism.  Where did it begin?  How does it manifest itself today?  What are our responsibilities?  Join Nigel Savage (Hazon), Nell Geiser (Jews For Racial and Economic Justice) and Rabbi Jill Jacobs (Jewish Funds for Justice) in this intriguing exploration.

Is The Only Solution Revolution?: A Discussion with Raj Patel
Join renowned author Raj Patel (Stuffed and Starved) for a candid conversation on the world food system.  As history repeats itself, from 1917 to today, could now be the time for collective action?  Don't miss this unique opportunity to help create an agenda for social change!

Art & Action: An Open Forum
Join moderator Dr. Stephen Brier (Labor and Social Historian, CUNY) for a candid discussion on the place of art in building movements for action and social change.  Can art truly help us view the world or a particular issue in different ways?  Can it lead to actual change and action?  Let your voice be heard in this compelling conversation.

Food Fight: An Interactive Workshop

Join The Action Center to End World Hunger as we explore the connections between hunger, food insecurity and global poverty and identify ways that people of all ages can take action to alleviate global hunger. This family oriented event will be facilitated by Ai Hirashiki, Director of Programming. Hosted by: The Action Center to End World Hunger


Where’s My Food? Urban Farming Today

Locavorism! Sustainability! Biodynamic! Join Jack Algiere, life-long farmer, for a candid discussion on food, where it comes from and what it means to you and your community. Hosted by: Stone Barns Center for Food & Agriculture


A City Full of Vegetables: Just Food’s Quest

to Provide Access to Fresh Foods

End the myth that good, sustainable, farm-fresh food can’t be found in NYC! In fact, Community Supported Agriculture groups exist all over NYC. Join Amy Blankstein and Jen Datka of Just Food to learn about how local farmers are connecting to the five boroughs and other programs led by Just Food to bring! Hosted by: Just Food


What Was It Really Like? An Evening with History
Delve deeper into the storied past of the Lower East Side and the lives of the Jewish immigrants who lived there with urban historian Barry Feldman as we learn more about the time and place of the women of our play.  Moderated by Laurie Tobias Cohen, Executive Director of the Lower East Side Jewish Conservancy. Hosted by: The Lower East Side Jewish Conservancy


Food Security: An Interactive Workshop
Join the Action Center to End World Hunger to investigate the three main components of food security and the risk factors that threaten it. Understand the link between hunger and food security, and identify ways in which you can take action to alleviate global hunger and poverty.
Hosted by: The Action Center to End World Hunger

Clean Your Plate! Nosh & Network
Join us for a pre-show tasting of appetizers and more from local restaurants featured in the new restaurant guide, Clean Plates N.Y.C.
 Sponsored by: Clean Plates N.Y.C.

New York City & Access to Food

NYC is making strides in creating access to food. Join Deputy Borough President Rose Pierre-Louis for a community discussion inspired by her office’s newly issued policy report, Food In The Public Interest. We’ll explore how citizens can be involved in city government on the issue of food.


Behind the Story

An open forum with the cast and director of Give Us Bread. Join us for a discussion on the creation of the play.


Cast Cookout!

Join the cast and crew of Give Us Bread for a good old-fashioned cookout after the final performance. Starts at 5PM! $10 gets you a beer and a burger!



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