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"costumes acceptable at the beach are not acceptable in formal courtroom procedure.”

"'And I'll not sacrifice my comfort and freedom to the extent of wearing a dress' Miss Hulick retorted as she clicked out of the Halls of Justice in her
blue flannel slacks."


Becca Bernard




Becca Bernard is a Brooklyn based actor/writer who blends physical comedy, music and dance to communicate her ferociously optimistic perspective of the world. She specializes in ensemble and solo devised theatre with companies such as Parallel Exit in a special collaboration with Metropolis EnsembleAnimal Engine and The Celebration Barn Theatre. Her solo show The Fainting Room has toured to 5 different cities and as a clown she's worked with Clowns without Borders, the Zany Umbrella Circus, and Lev Leytzan

Becca's Inspiration for this piece

I was thinking about how epic Helen's story was--but this was the first time I was hearing it! It tickled me to think of a kindergarten teacher having her own Sea Shanty-esque song. Unfortunately, the world hasn't written many for women like her. I wanted give her a song that tells the story of her days in court, setting a precedent that women's testimonies should be heard no matter what they're wearing.



Written, Performed and Edited by Becca Bernard

Guitar by Ian Goldstein

Cello by Becca Bernard

Special Thanks to Becca Stabile