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#Vaudeville #SilentFilm #ReproductiveRights


This project was inspired by the danger and absurdity found in the text of House Bill 118 which is described as “An act providing for the final disposition of fetal remains; and imposing penalties."


Mariah Freda (she/her/hers) is a theater artist living and creating on Canarsie land known to many as Bushwick Brooklyn. Her primary discipline is that of an actor and she received her training and MFA from The New School for Drama. In the 4th grade, Mariah triumphantly portrayed The Artful Dodger in the musical, Oliver! at her tiny Catholic school and has continued to remain a steadfast lover of the theater. Since then, she has appeared on many New York City stages, some tiny, some medium sized, a few underground. In 2012 she teamed up with The Anthropologists and over the years has helped bring to life a bounty of plays including Mahalla, No Man’s Land, The Anthropologists Save the World, This Sinking Island, Artemisia’s Intent and most recently No Pants in Tucson. Mariah is a mother to two, small, spirited children who continue to inspire her to be better, learn better and know better. 


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Mariah Freda- Creator, Performer, Filming & Editing

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