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The jacket said "Yeah"

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"Mary Gordon's story made me think differently about the power of clothing. I think that I was in awe with the very notion that it's 1888. The reconstruction era ends about 1877. 10 years later it's a very dangerous and uneasy time to be Black and Woman in America. And with this woman's story their is someone of authority who could have made her suffer but instead said, "yeah." Not yes per se but yeah. It kind of gives you hope for humanity."

- Marian A Yesufu


Marian Adewunmi Yesufu is a Nigerian-American Comedian. She is the founder of Black Women in Comedy Festival and the Artistic Director of Soul Sista Comedy. She is the Organizer of the Afro Civilization Fair. Before quarantine she ran three shows at legendary comedy spots such as UCB, The Pack Theater, and Tao Comedy Studio in Los Angeles. She is an alumni of the CBS Diversity Showcase and Maude Writer at the Upright Citizens Brigade. She is currently collaborating with the brilliant folks at Impro Theater. She is also known for her fun and intersectional class, Black Musical Improv, that takes you through a Blackherstory perspective of musical improv. She teaches this class virtually through WhoHaha. Keep up with her at


Written, Directed & Performed by Marian Yesufu

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