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No pants in Tucson

a new physical theatre and research-driven play


Set in a fictional landscape with real consequences, No Pants In Tucson imagines a town - somewhere in the U.S. - whose inhabitants (largely female) are forced to live their daily lives within a latticework of laws: no driving while wearing a housecoat, no cleavage, no swearing, no sleeveless tops, no asking a man out on a date, no buying a parachute on a Sunday if unmarried and absolutely no pants. In fact, any state law currently active in the U.S. that prohibits or proscribes the behavior or action of women, is both legal and enforced in this town. An exuberant, kinetic, energetic, punch in the gut, No Pants in Tucson is propelled by the legal text and social ramifications of outdated and misguided laws and America’s obsession with legislating the female body.

This play is being developed with the support of an A.R.T./New York Creative Space Grant and a generous grant from the Off Broadway Angels Foundation.