NEWS! No Pants In Tucson has been awarded a NYC Women's Fund grant for the World Premiere in 2021!

Set in a fictional landscape with real consequences, No Pants in Tucson is a subversive physical comedy whose female inhabitants are forced to live their daily lives within a latticework of laws: no driving while wearing a housecoat, no cleavage, no swearing, no buying a parachute on a Sunday if unmarried and absolutely no pants. From Mary Anderson secretly living as politician Murray Hall for the entirety of her adult life to Dr. Mary Walker persisting in wearing pants despite multiple arrests to teenager Anna Maria Weems disguising herself as a man to escape slavery, an anachronistic kaleidescope of real women unite for the simple right to wear pants.


Drawing upon actual U.S. state laws, The Anthropologists’ newest play is propelled by America’s obsession with regulating the female body.

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