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The Anthropologists Save The World!


Source Material: The Lecture (RESISTANCE)

The Lecture was originally developed in 2012 through improvisation and selections of text from two lectures given by Aldous Huxley in 1959 at the University of California, Santa Barbara: "Man and His Planet" and "More Nature in Art." They were later published as part of a larger collection in "The Human Situation" (Harper & Row, 1977). 

Source Material: The Robot (ADAPTION)

What are the kinds of adaptations we will have to make or embrace in the future? This is the question we asked when we started to devise our epilogue, The Robot. The first round of source material included:

Kevin Kelly, author of "The Inevitable":

"The Robot takeover will be epic."

Kelly predicts that Artificial Intelligence will become more seamlessly integrated (reading medical records, approving mortgages), anticipating and improving your life.


Link between Climate Change and Rise of the Robots:


Robots & Sustainability:


Benefits of Robots:


General Robot stuff:


Russian Robots of War


How people inform or teach robots


How do Robots talk/feel? This American Life “You Had One Job” Act 3; Story told from perspective of a robot:

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