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Creative Team

Creative Team

Meet the 2018 Cast of the Upper Manhattan Tour

Meet the core creative team and the skilled collaborators who brought this play to life.

OCTOBER 2017 - University Settlement

Devised by the Company

Written by Melissa Moschitto with The Ensemble

With an Original Song by Mariah Freda



Mariah Freda*, P.J. Johnnie, Brianna Kalisch*, Chad Anthony Miller


Melissa Moschitto* - Director                     Dominique Rider - Assistant Director

Lynde Rosario* - Dramaturg                       Irina Kuraeva - Visual Designer

Adrian Bridges - Musical Arrangement     Sadah Espii Proctor - Sound & Projection 

Rishauna Zumberg - Choreographer         Emma K. Rivera - Lighting Designer        

Brian Demar Jones* - CCTA Producer        Sarah Edkins - Mask Design

Bahar Cetinsoy - Creative Intern                Adi Eshman - Creative Intern    

Wren Mitchell - Production Assistant    


Special thanks to these artists who attended Investigative Rehearsals and/or worked on later workshops of the play.


Michael Ables                           Sarah Edkins 

Emily Ellis                                  Christopher Gillard

Jean Goto                                  Sheree Grate

Rob Reese                                 Rishauna Zumberg




Artists who attended an Investigative Rehearsals during the first phase of the project.


Armando Batista                     Ben Gougeon

Arisael Rivera                           Isreal Scott

Doris Vila

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