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"I loved seeing the videos embedded in the presentation. It really helped me get a greater idea of both dramaturgy and devising and it was so interesting to see how everything comes together!"

University of Vermont

We have developed several unique devising workshops and lectures for University-level learning over Zoom. These classes are designed for small to medium lecture classes, 75-90 minutes long, and can incorporate hands-on work and Q&A with our company. Please contact Artistic Director Melissa Moschitto at for more details and pricing structures.


Field Notes: Activating Source Material & Negotiating Narrative

Delve into performance Case Studies to get a detailed overview of The Anthropologists' methodology for using research in the rehearsal room. Students are guided along the process from provocation and investigation to scripting and performance.

Field Notes: Writing Performance

An examination of the scripting process and negotiating point of view as an ensemble in the devising process with hands on engagement.

Rogue Devising - Collaborative Theatre Making (90 min or longer; hands on workshop)

Hands on workshop introducing our method for devising boldly as an ensemble. Participants will work in small groups to generate material and investigate storytelling possibilities, with opportunities to share performance drafts.

Custom workshops are also available.

View this video produced by The Windward School after our 6-week devising workshop.

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