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Ivy Nasur, born in 1899, was 21 years old when she was first confronted by the law for wearing pants.

On June 17, 1920 in New York City, Nasur appeared in court to defend herself from charges for "masquerading as a man".

Ivy said that her posing as a man was necessary so she could get work and support her five-year-old son.

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A month later, on July 30, 1920, Ivy Nasur appeared in court for the same "offense" with the same judge as before. Upon telling the judge that nothing was wrong with her for wearing pants, the judge, Magistrate Tobias, ordered her to be sent to Bellevue Hospital, a psychiatric institution.


“Is there something wrong with your head? Can’t you leave male apparel alone?” Ivy replied no. “There’s nothing wrong with my nut. I know what I’m doing all right,” she said.

Masquerading in Male Attire by Kerry Segrave