Give Us Bread

Food prices shot up overnight.

Starvation threatened families from Williamsburg, Brooklyn to

the Lower East Side to the Bronx.

The city did nothing.

A group of women came together to demand action.

Boycotts accelerated into riots.

The year was 1917.

America has provided the chance for freedom and new life to the immigrants of Orchard Street in New York City. Yet fear moves through the community as food prices begin to rise. When it becomes impossible for a group of “everyday housewives” to feed their families, they must unite, because standing together, no matter how terrified you are, is more important than suffering alone. Using original text and source materials, Give Us Bread tells the remarkable stories of immigrant women, who provide a lens with which to examine today.

“Give Us Bread is a completely engrossing 90 minutes of unabashed entertainment...” 
- David Fuller,


“gritty and gorgeous ...inspiring, eye opening” - Kendra Thatcher, Media Harvest


“...with fantastic characters, subtle acting and a plot that grips you from the first scene and never insults your intelligence.”

-Raj Patel, author, Stuffed & Starved

“Both the script and the performances by the young cast are engaging, heartfelt and rarely preachy.”

- Chris Rohman, Valley Advocate


“The actresses play their respective roles with strength and intelligence...”
- Adrienne Cea,


“All six women turned in stellar performances and functioned flawlessly as an ensemble...”
- Gail M. Burns, GailSez