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Loreta Janeta Velazquez

was born in Cuba in 1842. After being sent to New Orleans for school at 7 years old, Velazquez married her first husband, an officer in the Texas army, at 14 years old.


When Texas seceded

from the union, Loreta's husband left for the war and refused to let her join him. Nonetheless, she got a uniform, disguised herself as a man, and started going by Harry T. Buford.


Set on her mission,

Velazquez started a regiment, traveled to her husband in Florida. Just days later, Loreta's husband was killed.

After this, she went north and continued to fight in the

Battle of Bull Run.



Tess Rodriguez



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Tess Rodriguez (she/her) is a Chicana theatre artist born and raised in San Antonio, Texas. She studied at the University of the Arts London - Central Saint Martins and Graduated with a BA in Theatre from The University of the Incarnate Word. She loves and respects all aspects of theatre, having worked in many different areas - acting, costumes, lighting, scenery and stage management. In 2017, she was diagnosed with breast cancer shortly after having her second child. She is a survivor, mother, an artist and is very excited to be creating with The Anthropologists. 

Indigenous land: Tonkawa

Tess's Inspiration for this piece

I was really interested in the contradictions in her life and everything she had to abandon to live “freely”.


Tess Still 1.png
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Tess Rodriguez: Actor/Director

James Cárdenas: Camera Person

Dimitri Cárdenas: Lighting Assistant

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