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Save The World - 1 by Jody Christopherso


Written & Directed by: Melissa Moschitto

Performances by: Michael Ables, Alexandra Bonesho*, Mark Cisneros, Mariah Freda, Jean Goto, Marianne Hardart, Brian Demar Jones, Brianna Kalisch, and Arisael Rivera*

*Appearing courtesy Actors Equity Association

Dramaturgy: Lynde Rosario

Assistant Director/Associate Producer: Philip Schaffer

Lighting Design/Production Management: Ali Hall

Scenic & Visual Design: Irina Kuraeva

Sound Design: Andy Cohen

Stage Management: Tiffany McCue

Original Collaborators (The Lecture): Josh Adler, Kate Norton, Jean Goto, Louise Gough, Brianna Kalisch, Melissa Moschitto and Raj Varma.   

Original Collaborator (The Blackout): Josh Adler, Kate Norton, Mariah Freda, Jean Goto, Brianna Kalisch and Melissa Moschitto.

A smokers' cessation group resurrects Aldous Huxley.
Doomsday preppers take on the biggest blackout in NYC history.
Robots occupy our future.
A triptych of plays - The Lecture, The Blackout and The Robot -
 examine the precarious role of the individual in the age of climate change with screwball comedy, nihilism and dash of good old American bravado.




World Premiere - July 26-29
Ice Factory, New Ohio Theater



The Lecture was originally developed at Working Theater's 2012 Annual Directors Salon.

The Blackout was developed in part through the Field Artist Residency program, supported by Lambent Foundation.

The Anthropologists Save The World photo


“they have not only done the necessary research to drive their thought-provoking points home, but they do so in a way that I haven't seen before."​ (Theater Is Easy)

“thought-provoking in its perplexity, eerie and weird in the best way.”

“a much more mature sense of spacing and lighting design… It finally hit the spectators where it hurts…”
(Stage Buddy)

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Dig deeper to discover Climate Change research both past and present, along with key source material used to create the show.

The script for The Blackout is available on the New Play Exchange (NPX).

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